Google My Business

Stop losing calls to your competition and optimize your Google listing.

Google Listing Optimization

Our google listing optimization service will get you in the map pack in not time! Did you know that the top 3 companies in the map pack get 80% of the calls?

We provide similar SEO services for your Google listing just like your website. Regular posting to your listing and geotagging images will help rank you for certain locations.

Check out the heat map below for examples of how most listings rank vs how a listing should be ranked.

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Claim & Correct Online Directory Listings

Besides your Google My Business listing, there are dozens of other online directories that your company is in. Even though you probably never signed up for these, they can impact your ranking and trust factor with the search engines. By having your listings claimed and accurate, this increases rankings with your Google My Business listing, shows trust, and will give a boost to your website as well.

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