I will be answering some common objections from Contractors about websites and SEO that I hear all the time. I have been a licensed Contractor since 2009 and know what my thought process was as well as others in the business.

I get ALL my Business through Word of Mouth

This is probably the #1 reason most don’t have a website. The problem with relying only on word of mouth is – Sustainability. In the beginning most Contractors start out “knocking on doors” to get the word out about what they do and how excited they will be to do work for you.

Then when the money starts coming in, they start advertising in Phone Books, Craigslist, Local FREE Papers, etc. After several months or years in business, it seems they always start to “scale back”. Cancelling phone books, which I agree with, and almost completely abandoning advertising.

Why? Because they are now getting lots of “word of mouth” referrals. Now this is the ultimate form of advertising that most business owners want to achieve. And the simple fact why it works is Trust. If someone refers a customer to you, they already have a sense of trust and the cost of the job is less of a concern.

But you need to still be marketing yourself no matter how busy you are. Most Contractors are on a roller coaster of work flow. Having a website with good SEO will deliver a more constant drip of customers. And hey, if your too busy to handle the work, then your left with two options: Hire more help or Raise you prices.

I’m Already Too Busy

Good. Raise your prices! This is what we had to do and I should have done it sooner. Now I’m not talking about raising them so high that your work drops off, but in increments. I would start with 10% increments until you start getting push back from customers. Then maybe dial it back to find the sweet spot.

Hiring help is another option. You don’t have to hire an employee necessarily, you can also sub-contract. Even if you just need help with answering phones or doing the accounting can free up a lot of time. This can be a Virtual Assistant (VA) and not an employee to save on costs.

Even if you think you have all the work you need, having a website that ranks high in Google in essential. Remember 2008? I do! During a recession can majorly hurt your income and some say we are overdue again. Not like the last one we had, but definitely a dip is to be expected to come soon.

Having a website with good SEO will keep you on the top of local searches for you services. Customers now a days will check out your website before calling you to see if your “legit” and to find out what services you provide. Even if they are referred to you, most will still search online to find out about your company.

I Can’t Afford a Website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can’t afford not too! The web design services we offer, are affordable on any budget. Your website should produce an ROI (return on investment) and not be an expense.

The typical return we see from our SEO clients is 10X. So if you spend $1,000/mo on digital marketing services, that should be producing at least $10,000 in sales (this is averaged out over one year due to fluctuations of the trades).

I Do My Own Website

Do you do your own surgery too?

Listen. Your busy already running the day to day operations of your business. You need to have your digital marketing done by a pro and not an amateur. Just like you would your taxes vehicle repairs.

You also get a better return on your time. When I hear that a contractors does their own website, that usually means that they used a drag and drop web template to set it up. And that’s it. Never to be updated again.

By always providing relevant content, you stay current to your customers and Google. Which helps out with search engine optimization and can be a make or break for ranking.

We Advertise on Home Advisor

You’re also paying an arm and a leg for leads that they are sending to multiple Contractors. Why not keep all those leads for yourself?

Owning your own website, makes you in control of your marketing. What if Home Advisor goes out of business tomorrow? All that business is gone…forever…

Take control of your own business building destiny and schedule a Free Phone Consultation today!